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Myths and Truths of Paris Real Estate Market

Paris is one of the most famous cities in the world. It is no surprise that the City of Lights is also one of the largest and most active real estate markets in Europe.

Yet a number of misconceptions are circulating and overshadowing the true merits of this very attractive market.

Through a case study, ENTR sets the record straight about a few clichés on what a real estate investor can expect to actually achieve in this unique city.

Myth #1: rental yield for a prime property is around 2.75%

Many headlines regularly convey the message that gross rental yields from prime properties in the core districts of Paris should be expected within a 2.5% - 3.0% range.


This significantly underestimates the actual performance that can be achieved when each step in a real estate investment is optimized, including layout.

ENTR has recently secured a 2-bedroom property in the central Paris area of Le Marais where it has been able to achieve a 4% gross rental yield on a long-term lease basis for the benefit of its investors.

Find out more about other myths of the Paris real estate market by downloading the analysis below.

About ENTR

ENTR provides a seamless, transparent and innovative way to access prime residential real estate in global cities

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