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A simple, transparent and innovative way

to invest and enter prime real estate in global cities

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real estate ownership

Step into the world of ENTR where you can seamlessly own prime properties in the most attractive cities around the globe


Our properties are carefully curated, fully managed and optimized to provide regular incomes and capital gain potential while offering you the opportunity to enjoy their premises

ENTR combines a rigorous selection process and the leveraging of technology to establish an innovative, engaging and secure real estate ownership experience 

Enter the new age of real estate ownership now

How ENTR Works

I have been looking to invest in real estate for a long time but never found the time. I like ENTR’s simple and transparent solution to own prime real estate.

- Christian T.

I love this smart way of owning a piece of real estate which is fully managed. I can even have a few great places to stay and buy one of them entirely. The best is that I will be able to easily track the performance of the properties online.

- Tom K.

I have always wanted to be exposed to prime real estate. ENTR offers a convenient access and collects for me both the rental income and capital gains when the properties are sold.

- Theresa M.

A better way to own prime real estate 

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Seamless access 

to prime real estate ownership

ENTR offers access to prime real estate through a fully managed co-ownership experience, removing the complexities from real estate ownership and allowing owners to effortlessly enjoy its many financial benefits

ENTR's full service model begins from prime real estate sourcing and acquisition, to remodeling and listing of fully furnished rentals, to on-going maintenance, managing and execution of resale activity

In this way, the owners save significant amount of time and money and benefit from their real estate investment with a complete peace of mind

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Participate in

the ownership of tomorrow


By joining ENTR, the owners have a preferential access to stay in a collection of properties and enjoy the convenience of their prime locations in vibrant global cities​

Co-owners are also be entitled to an exclusive priority right to acquire the prime properties before they are sold to the open market


Expect more

from your real estate 

ENTR leverages the team experience to optimize the positioning and rental management of the properties, driving revenue for co-owners and bringing two main streams of earnings: a recurring rental income and the realization of capital gains when a collection property is sold​

ENTR team members are also owners in each collection of properties, as we believe in the strong potential of all the real estate we select


Experience a tech-driven property ownership platform

ENTR will offer a better understanding of your properties with a customized online dashboard providing comprehensive insights and reporting all in one place, allowing owners an anytime access to property overviews, investment rationales and regular performance reports

A glimpse at our investments

Investment opportunities 

Current opportunities to co-own a collection of prime residential properties in global cities


Rare opportunity to co-own a selection of prime residential properties in the supply-constrained center of Paris


Prominent and highly-sought after residential districts in central Paris such as Boulevard Saint-Germain, Le Marais, the Latin Quarter, Eiffel Tower

Collection theme

Focus on prime residential properties offering best balance between rental yield and liquidity ahead of major catalysts for potential capital gains in Paris

Stage of opportunity

The Collection is open to new co-owners and is deploying capital


Attractive opportunity to co-own a selection of prime quality properties located in Prime Central London


Central residential districts with affluent local and international residents such as Marylebone, Mayfair, Kensington, Chelsea, Westminster, Fitzrovia

Collection theme

Use currently fluid environment to selectively build a portfolio of prime residential properties at an attractive entry price 

Stage of opportunity

The Collection is launching soon

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Start investing in a suite of prime residential properties located at the heart of major global cities

Follow these few easy steps to discover and participate in a new real estate investment experience with ENTR

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Create an account

You will be guided step by step to create an account with ENTR. This is a free and simple process to get access to information regarding our current opportunities


Explore our collections

and invest

Once your account is created, review the investment opportunities, our investment strategy for each collection. When you are ready, invest in the collections of your choice

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