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How ENTR works

The ENTR platform provides a convenient way to enter and benefit from attractive real estate markets otherwise difficult to access due to multiple barriers such as the need for local knowledge, large investment amount or time-consuming maintenance on the ground

With ENTR, you can become the co-owners in a collection of fully managed prime properties in global cities and experience the numerous benefits of property ownership with a complete peace of mind

The investment can be divided into 3 distinct phases

Investment & Asset Acquisition

You Invest:

Accredited investors invest with ENTR to become co-owner of residential properties

ENTR Buys:

ENTR deploys the capital to acquire high-quality properties in global cities

Asset Operations & Recurring Distribution

ENTR Manages:

ENTR handles tenancy, maintenance, tax, etc. and collects rent from properties

You Receive Income:

You are paid recurring cash income from the rental revenue generated by the properties

Property Divestment & Capital Return

ENTR Sells:

ENTR sells the properties to realize any appreciation in value accumulated over the years

You Receive Capital Gains:

Proceeds from property sales are applied to return capital and distribute capital gains

Seamless investment

ENTR manages the entire investment process from property sourcing to rental, maintenance and sale for the co-owners 

Privileged access

Co-owners have preferential rights to stay in the properties and acquire them when the real estate is divested from the collections

Full benefits

Co-owners receive dual stream of revenue with recurring rental income and capital gains upon property sale

Modern convenience

Co-owners can access a detailed profile of their properties and review the performance of their investment on their dedicated and secured online account

How we generate superior value​

Proprietary sourcing channels

Privileged access to identify and secure opportunities before they reach the market

Pro-active tenancy management

Access to on-the-ground logistics partners and multiple distribution channels 

Type of


Focus on properties with optimal rental yield and liquidity matching local demographics

Layout optimization and positioning

Experience in designing versatile high end living spaces for various types of tenants 

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