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New Distribution for Members in ENTR Paris

Members in ENTR Paris have received their distribution of rental income from their properties for the first quarter of 2022

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31 MARS 2022

Acquisition of a New Prime Property in ENTR Paris

Investors in ENTR Paris have secured another attractively priced prime property in the 7th arrondissement

Paris property

28 FEBRUARY 2022

ENTR Recognized on Forbes

ENTR is excited to be recognized on Forbes in this article about real estate investment and fractional ownership

Paris property

24 FEBRUARY 2022

Fully Digitized Journey to Property Ownership

ENTR has launched a fully digitized, seamless and secure journey to real estate ownership and investment

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01 NOVEMBER 2021

Prime Central London Market Snapshot

Leaving Brexit and COVID in the rear-view mirror, the real estate market in Prime Central London is poised to enter a new chapter

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A New Prime Property Joins The ENTR Paris Portfolio

Investors in ENTR Paris Collection have become the new owners of another prime property in the prestigious Les Invalides district

Paris property

26 AUGUST 2021

What is The Best Timing for Real Estate Investment?

ENTR explains why there is wisdom in the old saying: "don't wait to buy real estate, buy real estate and wait"

Paris property

21 AUGUST 2021

Release of ENTR Dashboard

ENTR has released its dashboard designed to enable each investor to seamlessly manage and monitor their real estate collection

Paris property

12 JULY 2021

Myths & Truths of Paris Real Estate Market

Through a case study, ENTR sets the record straight about a few clichés on what a real estate investor can expect to actually achieve in this unique city

Paris property

01 JULY 2021

Inflation & Residential Real Estate Investment

Prospect of inflation has been rising up the agenda

Find out how residential property investments provide an effective hedge against inflation

Paris property

03 JUNE 2021

Two New Prime Properties for ENTR Paris Collection

Investors in ENTR Paris Collection have become the owners of two prime properties in the highly sought-after 4th and 7th arrondissements of Paris

Paris property

19 MAY 2021

Paris Real Estate Market Snapshot Q1-2021

The Paris real estate market has demonstrated its resilience over the last 12 months thanks to its distinctive features

Paris property

12 MAY 2021