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Launch of a fully digitized ownership journey with ENTR

ENTR is pleased to share that the journey for property ownership on the ENTR platform is now fully digitized and online.

​New investors can complete each step of the journey in a seamless, secure and transparent manner.

With just a few clicks, they can become the owners of fully managed prime real estate, receive recurring income and benefit from capital appreciation on these properties.

These owners will also benefit from the dedicated ENTR dashboard which offers granular information on each property they own.

This digitized journey is the first step of a larger initiative which aims at reshaping the overall ownership experience.




Convenient online platform ecosystem

Up to date detailed profile at property level

Secure electronic signature solution

Tracking performance and recurring income

Registered investors have dedicated online dashboards to manage their properties

Seamless, secure and transparent access to prime property ownership within a few clicks

ENTR provides regular reports and analysis to facilitate informed decisions

About ENTR

ENTR provides a seamless, transparent and innovative way to access prime residential real estate in global cities

Investors with ENTR co-own a collection of carefully curated prime properties located in the most attractive cities around the globe. These assets are fully managed and optimized by ENTR to generate regular incomes and capital gain

ENTR combines rigorous selection process and technology to reinvent the real estate ownership experience in a changing world

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