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Sitting at the nexus of European, Asian and North American time zones, London is a truly global and cosmopolitan capital city steeped in history, uniquely connected with global trade.

With plenty to offer from a dynamic and diverse culture to an unmatched status as financial hub and a vibrant startup ecosystem, multi-faceted London has long been considered a ‘safe investment’. This attractiveness is bound to remain intact now that the veil of uncertainty about Brexit was lifted and the COVID-19 pandemic moves in the rearview mirror.

Key Numbers


This is the number of unicorns - start-ups with a valuation exceeding USD1bn - in London

This is the highest concentration in Europe positioning London as a global hub in the tech economy


This is the number of students attending one of the globally renowned top ranking universities in London

London is home to a range of world-class higher education clusters unmatched in terms of calibre and diversity


This is the number of UK and foreign banks in London reflecting its status as one of the only two full-scale global financial hubs alongside New York 

Global Ranking

For Real Estate Investment

London features one of the largest number of prime properties globally and benefits from an established and transparent legal framework that has cemented its position as a favorite market for both domestic and international investors

London is ranked as the world's most transparent real estate market in the latest Global Real Estate Transparency Index 2020 by real estate consultant JLL

London sits at the top of City Wealth Index in 2022 from real estate consultant Knight Frank as the world's number one destination for cross-border real estate investment with USD3bn of private money going into the city in 2021 

London is ranked as Europe's most resilient city in the Resilient Cities Index 2022 by real estate consultant Savills thanks to the depth of its real estate market and its economic strength

Key Market Drivers

A global safe haven for investment

Over the years Prime Central London has always been seen by domestic and international buyers as a "safe haven" from global political and economic instability

Its position as an open financial center governed by the rule of law and supported by a deep pool of finance and legal experts underpins this "safe haven" status

A global city to live, study and work

In addition to its appeal as an insurance in uncertain times, London has a set of evergreen advantages that fuel demand for property beyond financial motivation

Securing a home for their children as they enter university or join one of the London-headquartered tech companies is a key priority for many buyers 

How London Has Performed With Covid-19

In an exceptionally volatile context facing the global COVID pandemic and the final stages of the Brexit process, Prime Central London has demonstrated strong resilience relying mostly on domestic buyers and non domiciled residents 

After the very early months of the pandemic, prices quickly stabilized once the market re-opened in May 2020 and initiated a recovery end 2020 which was fully confirmed in 2021 as Prime Central London saw record transaction volume

The number of people that registered during Q1-2022 to buy a London home was 14.7% higher than a year ago according to Savills


Average rents in Prime Central London in May 2022 are 11% higher than before the pandemic according to Knight Frank


Property prices in Prime Central London in May 2022 are on average 2.9% above where they were in June 2020 according to Knight Frank


Key Catalysts For London

The residential real estate market in Prime Central London is well positioned to benefit from the following catalysts over the short to mid term horizon

Return of international buyers

As lockdowns are lifted in various parts of the world, returning international buyers will provide tailwind for Prime Central London property prices

Weak sterling exchange rate

Current GBP exchange rate creates a window of opportunity for international investors who benefit from a stronger buying power

Global Britain

The government released its vision for the UK’s role in the world and identified “prosperity” as one of its fundamental national interests

As capital city, London will stand to greatly benefit from the economic ramifications of this strategic plan


Attractive opportunity to co-own a selection of prime quality properties located in Prime Central London


Central residential districts with affluent local and international residents such as Marylebone, Mayfair, Kensington, Chelsea, Westminster, Fitzrovia

Collection theme

Use currently fluid environment to selectively build a portfolio of prime residential properties at an attractive entry price 

Stage of opportunity

The Collection is launching soon

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