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Prime Central London Real Estate Market Snapshot

Sitting at the nexus of European, Asian and North American time zones, London is a truly global and cosmopolitan capital city steeped in history, uniquely connected with global trade.

With plenty to offer from a dynamic and diverse culture to an unmatched status as financial hub and a vibrant startup ecosystem, prime real estate in multi-faceted London has long been considered a ‘safe investment’.


It is well positioned to remain so now that the veil of uncertainty about Brexit has been lifted

Key Catalysts for Prime Central London

Easing travel restrictions

As international travel reopens, prices are expected to benefit from pent-up demand from global buyers

Vaccination roll-out

Vaccination roll-out and  easing of lockdown facilitate further transactions among domestic buyers and sellers

Low interest rate

The currently low interest rate environment creates conducive conditions to stimulate further growth in the residential market

Find out more on how a new chapter is opening for real estate market in Prime Central London by downloading the analysis below.

About ENTR

ENTR provides a seamless, transparent and innovative way to access prime residential real estate in global cities

Investors with ENTR co-own a collection of carefully curated prime properties located in the most attractive cities around the globe. These assets are fully managed and optimized by ENTR to generate regular incomes and capital gain

ENTR combines rigorous selection process and technology to reinvent the real estate ownership experience in a changing world

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