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How Investors in ENTR Paris Are Beating Inflation

Inflation is now the number 1 concern for people globally according to the World Economic Forum.

Rising prices over a sustained period of time lead to a deterioration of purchasing power and eventually wealth destruction.

Two years ago ENTR identified this risk early on in this article where we shared with members how they can preserve and grow their wealth in an inflationary environment such as the one we are living in.

In 2022, our investors reaped the full benefits of this approach. While global stock markets had one of their worst years since 2008 dropping by 20%, members of ENTR saw the value of their investments in prime real estate increased by over 10%, well above the inflation rate.

On top of that, investors in ENTR also receive rental incomes from their fully managed properties – a regular source of revenue to boost their purchasing power.

If you want to know how you can also grow and protect your wealth against inflation, contact us today at or request for a call:

About ENTR

ENTR provides a seamless, transparent and innovative way to access prime residential real estate in global cities

Investors with ENTR co-own a collection of carefully curated prime properties located in the most attractive cities around the globe. These assets are fully managed and optimized by ENTR to generate regular incomes and capital gain

ENTR combines rigorous selection process and technology to reinvent the real estate ownership experience in a changing world

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