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Members can use crypto-currency to invest in real estate with ENTR

ENTR is pleased to announce that our members can now use crypto-currency to seamlessly invest in prime real estate.

With this initiative, ENTR responds to the demand from the fast-growing community of investors who own cryptocurrency and want the option to use it to invest in real estate with confidence and transparency.

Investors have the option to use 100% crypto, 100% cash or a blend of cash and cryptocurrency for full flexibility.

Accepting cryptocurrency brings the added benefit of simplifying cross-border transactions and lower foreign exchange fees for our circle of international investors.

We are excited to begin accepting cryptocurrency as this truly aligns with our goal to offer a seamless investment journey into prime real estate.

About ENTR

ENTR provides a seamless, transparent and innovative way to access prime residential real estate in global cities

Investors with ENTR co-own a collection of carefully curated prime properties located in the most attractive cities around the globe. These assets are fully managed and optimized by ENTR to generate regular incomes and capital gain

ENTR combines rigorous selection process and technology to reinvent the real estate ownership experience in a changing world

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